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Elections for Core Executive positions occur on a yearly basis! If you want to get involved with the Carleton Science Student Society, gain leadership skills, and give back to the Carleton Science Community this is the opportunity for you! For any questions, please contact our VP Internal Parihan at or the elections officer at if you have any questions.


 Elections 101

Elections 101 is intended to serve as a snapshot of the Elections policies. If you are looking for more information, or are putting your name forward for a position, please be sure to carefully review the elections procedures!


When do the Executive Elections happen?

  • The General Elections shall take place during the month of March to appoint the core executives.

  • The exact dates and times are announced at each election period within the writ of election, which must be passed by the Science Society Council.


Who can run for a Core Executive (VP) Position?

  • Applicants running for core executive positions must be Carleton University students within the Faculty of Science with previous experience within the society, either as a peripheral, councillor or as an executive.

  • They must also be regular members in ‘Good Standing’ within the society.

    • Good standing with the society means that a person has not for any reason been impeached, or forcibly removed from the society for any disciplinary reason

  • All candidates running for the Presidency must: 

    • Have prior experience as an executive, either in the Science Society OR any departmental society 

    • Be over the age of 18

      • This is to ensure that someone is able to sign any contracts that SciSoc may enter with any external organisation, like ASAPScience!


Choose an Executive position to run for

  • The available positions are:


Nomination Period

  • At least seven (7) days prior to the date on which polling commences, the Nomination Period shall commence and the Elections Officer shall make nomination forms for each office freely available to regular members. 

  • An eligible member seeking an executive position must obtain ten (10) signatures from any undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science.


  • Completed nomination forms must be submitted no later than the date and time stated on the form, and on the writ of election

  • Candidates may not gain signatures in the following areas: 

    • Classrooms

    • The Library

    • Residences

  • Obtaining nominations in these places may result in an electoral violation.

  • Candidates shall be disqualified if: 

    • The candidate is no longer eligible for the office the candidate is seeking; or, 

    • Where the Elections Officer has found that the candidate has violated the electoral rules for which the penalty prescribed is the candidate’s removal from the ballot.


Campaigning period

  • Campaigning for a position will be limited to the campaigning period described in the Writ of Election. 

  • Candidates are limited to a non-refundable $100 budget on campaigning during the nomination period. 

  • All campaign materials, as well as any cost associated with those materials, must be submitted to the Elections Officer prior to the end of the campaigning period. 

    • This includes any paid promotions made on any social media platform as well.

  • Candidates should be able to prove their costs were within the $100 budget, using receipts. 

    • Failure to do so may result in an electoral violation.

  • Informing students of the vote will be allowed during the voting period without personal endorsement or endorsement of others.

    • Candidates may tell people to check their emails, and encourage them to vote but may not explicitly say ‘vote for me’ or ‘vote for Rodney the Raven’.

    • Students not running in the election may continue to endorse candidates without that candidate receiving an electoral violation.


Voting Period

  • Informing students of the vote will be allowed during the voting period without personal endorsement or endorsement of others.

    • Candidates may tell people to check their emails, and encourage them to vote but may not explicitly say ‘vote for me’ or ‘vote for Rodney the Raven’.

  • Voting will occur online through Carleton University’s Senate Office and ballots will be emailed directly to the Carleton emails of all students enrolled in the Faculty of Science. 

  • A candidate who receives a majority of the votes is elected to that position. 

  • After the closing of polls, the Senate Office will send a breakdown of the votes, and the Elections Officer will prepare an unofficial report for release. 

  • The results of the election are not “official” until they have been ratified by the Society Council at the Annual General Meeting.

Election rules

  • No negative campaigning may be used during either the nomination or voting period.

  • Non-public email lists may not be used for campaigning; 

    • Email contact lists obtained due to a professional position may not be used i.e. class mailing lists obtained by a Teaching Assistant. 

    • Department advisors or Carleton University staff with access to mailing lists are not to be contacted for the purpose of promoting a candidate.

  • Slates, where multiple people run as a group, are prohibited for Elected Positions within the Science Society. 

  • Virtual campaigning may take place only on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. 

  • All Social Media campaigning must be visible by the Science Society’s social media account; you can ensure this by tagging @carletonscisoc 

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