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Executive Roles


  • Provides direction and guidance for the Society by:

    • Setting priorities and visions for the Society

    • Upholding the Constitution

    • Acting as Chair for Council meetings

    • Supporting the Core Executive team wherever possible

  • Acts as the “spokesperson” for the Society by:

    • Representing science students at monthly Chairs and Directors meetings

    • Liaising with the Associate Dean of Recruitment and Retention and the Science Student Success Centre

    • Elevating issues from the science student body to the appropriate parties

  • Directly oversees the seven (7) Core Executives and indirectly oversees all the Peripheral Executives and Councilors in the Society

Vice President Communications

  • Plan, oversee, and execute the production of accessible promotional material for the societies various social media platforms and programming services 

  • Oversee the management of the society's various platforms (instagram, facebook, tiktok, discord, website, youtube, ect.) 

  • Work alongside the other portfolios to properly promote their initiatives to the student body 

  • Create/ and or maintain the societies brand 

  • Brainstorm ways to engage students and increase following on social media platforms 

  • Oversee and work alongside a team of 10 peripheral executives 

Vice President Programming

  • Create and facilitate social events such as the Science Winter Formal 

  • Oversee any programming or events committee of the society 

  • Manage giveaways and distribution of event prizes 

Vice President Internal

  • Organizing and coordinating council meetings, including all relevant documents pertaining to the SciSoc council meetings

  • Manages hiring for first-year representatives and departmental rep 

  • Responsible for reviewing and updating the constitution, working in conjunction with the past and current SciSoc president(s)

  • Hire and manage the internal peripheral positions (Secretary, Equity and Sustainability Officer, Elections Officer, and Policy & Bylaw Officer)

Vice President External

  • Manages finding and facilitating sponsors for offering the SciSoc Discount Sticker program to the science student community, as well as general sponsorship opportunities that benefit SciSoc and student organizations

  • Create and coordinate the SciSoc Merchandise Program

  • Represents SciSoc as a Board Member for the Ontario Science Student Association

  • Facilitates SciSoc connections and communication with the SSSC, Faculty, the Dean and, other on-campus organizations

  • Provides the science community with monthly blogs highlighting various topics in each of the Faculty of science

Vice President Academic

  • Manage the planning and delivery of a $12,000+ scholarship program for Faculty of Science students

  • Work with the Advocacy Coordinator to plan events and awareness campaigns for various academic and social issues affecting students (academic integrity, scientific literacy, social justice)

  • Serve as the CASG Science Coordinator, overseeing attendance of councilors and ensuring adequate representation

  • Liaise with students and University faculty leaders to address the concerns of the student body and act as a voice for students Hire and manage the work of 2 peripheral executives (one Advocacy Coordinator and one Awards Officers)

Vice President Operations

  • Work closely with the Internal Finance Officer, Science Community Fund Director, and the Office Director

  • Manage the financial matters of the society

  • Create and enforce the budget of the Carleton Science Student Society

  • Track and issue reimbursements

  • Communicate with the CSSS’s ScotiaBank financial advisor

  • Evaluate Science Community Fund applications and issue Science Community Fund cheques 

Vice President Wellness

  • Create and facilitate events that offer opportunities to enhance individual and group wellness

  • Promote wellness and balance throughout the science community

  • Coordinate logistics as well as lead planning and execution of wellness events for science students

  • Manage Wellness Directors and provide guidance in their respective roles

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