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The 2024 by-elections have officially started!

Get ready to vote!

Get  Involved. 

Be  Vocal. 

Make a  Difference. 

Departmental Representatives make up the largest proportion of the Carleton Science Student Society’s council! They play an extremely important role in guiding SciSoc’s priorities and making sure that science student voices are placed at the centre of everything we do.


Our council holds SciSoc accountable to the students that we are here to serve. To be a Departmental Representative, you must be a student within the department you are running to represent. Successful Departmental Representatives are responsible for virtually attending monthly meetings (you may send a proxy to vote in your place if you are unable to make it to a meeting).


As a councillor, you will be exposed to opportunities that will develop your leadership and presentation skills. Depending on your position, you may have opportunities to conduct professional interviews and participate in hiring processes. Most exciting of all, you will make friends and meet folks from all of CU Science’s many disciplines!


If you have any questions, send a direct message to! You can also reach out to any of our social media platforms. 

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