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ScI Soc By Election 
is happening now!
Election results will be made available on this page

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President (1) Candidate(s): 

Sally Lauricella (She/her)

With previous experience in Sci Soc as the social media director and assistant to the president, and Vice President of Communications of the Carleton Science Society, my experience, skills, and dedication will allow me to thrive as president. My comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of our society, alongside my track record of leadership, makes me the ideal candidate. My platform: strengthening online presence and communication, representing member voices and foster collaborative opportunities, amplifying member engagement and promoting transparency and accessibility, promoting scientific literacy and early career research opportunities. You can contact me at or view my full campaigning platform here: 


Aya Al-Douri

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-27 at 23.40.44_b07eb776 - Aya Al-Douri.jpg

I am the previous campus-to-community team leader, peer supporter at the CUSA Disability Centre, and Neuroscience department representative. I am enthusiastic to contribute to the Sci-Soc success.

You can reach me out through email:, or Instagram @aya_aldouri_

 VP Academic (1) Candidate(s):  

Nguyen-Hanh Nong (He/Him)


Hello, my name is Nguyen-Hanh Nong and I will be running for VP Academic for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. I have previous experience working with professors and acting like a liaison between students and professors with my time as a Teaching Assistant for the past 2 years. I hope we can create a vibrant and inclusive academic community where every student in the Faculty of Science has the opportunity to thrive.

Richard Kim (He/Him)

1111 - haha uu.jpg

Hi everyone! I'm Richard, some of you may know me as VP of CCSS, and others may know me as a peer mentor in SSSC. But I hope all of you know my passion for enhancing student experience, and consider voting me as VP Academic.

Why me?

  • Increase Academic Events: Explore opportunities for research and discuss career options beyond medical school.

  • Increase Benefits to Students: SciSoc is funded by our tuition, it should be utilized to benefit as many students as possible.

  • Increase Representation of Comp Sci: Address the lack of SciSoc Execs from the program that's >50% of Science.

IG @richardkimvpacademic, Email

 VP Communications (1) Candidate(s):

Yassmin Abdelkader (She/Her/Hers)

YassminAbdelkader - Yassmin Abdelkader.JPG

Platform: Instagram @yassminn.ab

As a VP Comms candidate, I am all about making things happen!! I want to bring in the creative energy and make things fun. I will ensure active online engagement whether its answering questions or creating social media posts. I’ll be your go-to person for all things communication. I hope to create and be a part of a creative and engaging community that represents our amazing faculty of science!

Instagram: yassminn.ab, Email:

 VP External (1) Candidate(s):

Sulena Shrestha (She/her)

sulena_headshot - Sulena Shrestha.jpg

Hello Ravens! My name is Sulena Shrestha, and I am a second-year student majoring in Honors Biology and Biotechnology. I am excited to be running as your Vice President External! This position requires extensive communication, leadership, time management, and organizational skills. It demands the responsibility of appropriately representing SciSoc to other societies, facilitating new opportunities for science students, managing the external team, and more. I am confident I will meet this position's expectations as I have various prior leadership experiences.

To learn more, please follow @sulenaforvpexternal on Instagram!

Faith Taylor (She/they)

fairth-3 - Faith Taylor.jpg

Instagram: faithtylr, 3rd year biology student.

Currently representing department of biology for CASG. Fun Fact! As a makeup expert, I thrive on solving beauty challenges and empowering individuals to look and feel their best. My passion for problem-solving extends beyond cosmetics, driving me to engage with people daily, discussing their concerns and offering solutions. I'm deeply passionate about education and am driven to serve as an external outreach advocate for the Science Society. Sharing knowledge and fostering understanding brings me immense fulfillment as I contribute to broader the community's growth and development. My direct messages are open!

Insta: faithtylr

 VP Internal (1) Candidate(s):

Stephanie Pare (She/her)

1D62014C-2E19-40CD-8F33-94655BDF0D71 - Stephanie Bea.JPEG

I am Stephanie "Steph" Pare, running for the position of 2024 SciSoc Core Executive VP Internal. I stand for preserving the integrity of SciSoc, promoting smooth and effective collaboration, and fulfilling its advocacy for the well-being of Faculty of Science students at Carleton University. Step into a future of diversity, transparency, and accessibility in SciSoc with STEPH.

Instagram - @iamstephp, Email -

Matthew MacRae-Bovell (He/him)

headshot - Matthew MacRae-Bovell.png

👋 Hey There, I'm Matthew! I'm an active member of Carleton's student community, the previous President of the Carleton Computer Science Society, and a previous SciSoc council member.


- 🎉 More Departmental Society Collaborations

- 👷 Re-Evaluation of Core Roles and Organizational Structure

- 🗳️ Transparent and Fair Elections

- 📅 Scheduling More Events at the Beginning of Semesters

- 💸 Upgraded Science Community Fund

- 🚀 Student Experience > Giveaways

- 📸 Fresh Social Media Presence

- 💻 Improved Representation for Computer Science

For more information about my platform, visit my campaign website here: / Email:, Discord: mathyoumb

Julie Morgan (She/her)

IMG_9897 - julie morgan.PNG

Hi! My name is Julie Morgan and I am running for VP internal in SciSoc. My goals for the upcoming year as VP Internal include:

  • Promoting organization within Carleton SciSoc

  • Fostering communication between the portfolios as well as between the society and science students in general

  • Maintaining a fair representation of science students within the society to ensure all voices are heard.

My previous volunteer experiences include:


  • Mentoring and co-leading the FYR team at the SSSC

  • Executive assistant to the current VP of wellness in SciSoc.


  • FYR at the SSSC

I wish everyone good luck on their exams! please reach out if you have any questions!!

Instagram handle: @julie_morgan_1.​

 VP Operations (1) Candidate(s):

Nathan Coulas (He/him)

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 9.34.59 PM - Nathan Coulas.png

Accommodating the specific needs of each science department is a challenge for SciSoc, and one I hope to solve by allocating additional resources to our departmental societies. These clubs, often operating on limited budgets, are the backbone of our community, yet they face significant obstacles in realizing their full potential. By increasing funding and enhancing support for these clubs, we can empower them to frequently host larger, more impactful events tailored to the specific needs of students in each program.

Instagram: @nathansonlinee, Discord: nathanisonline

 VP Programming (1) Candidate(s): 

Farah Mcheik


VP Wellness(1) Candidates: 

Asfiya Aziz (She/her)


Hello! My name is Asfiya, and I am the current Creative Wellness director of Sci Soc. 

I am passionate about physical and mental health, and I used my role to initiate two recurring events for the school year, where I ran a meditation space, as well as a running club. These two events were quite successful and have been asked to be run again next year! I hope to use the knowledge I have gained to help positively impact the Carleton science community. I understand the importance of wellbeing and I hope to work once again in a team to promote it.

If you have any questions, you can contact me @_asfiyaaziz on Instagram.

Haiden Alain (He/him)


If elected as VP Wellness, I will hold innovative and inclusive wellness-focused events throughout the year and ensure that they are well advertised. The wellness principles for events will be founded from a holistic and evidence-based perspective. Keeping in mind the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusivity, I vow to use my own knowledge to better the science community, as well as uplift others’ unique perspectives to foster a sense of community and resilience. From adventures across the canal to mindfulness workshops in the library, my events will be fun and relaxing. All in all, I vow to work for the wellness of all science students at Carleton.

Platform: Instagram, Instagram: @justhxiden

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