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Team Spotlight : Ebube & Jahnessa

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Meet Ebube & Jahnessa, Carleton Science Student Society's amazing Outreach and Connect Coordinators!


Hello, my name is Jahnessa Velasquez and I am a second year biology student with a concentration in ecology, evolution, and behaviour. I have lived in Ottawa since I was born so I know my way around! My interests include rugby, gardening, travelling, and mental health advocacy! I also have a crippling plant addiction. My favourite vacation was going to England, France, and Belgium with my school to celebrate the 100th battle of Vimy Ridge. It was life changing! One thing I’ve been up to during this quarantine is redecorating my room for a more comfortable, clean space.


Hey, my name is Ebube Okafor. I’m a second year neuroscience student in the combined honours program. I’m originally from Nigeria but I’ve lived in many places in Canada since I moved here. I’ve lived in British Columbia, Halifax, Newfoundland & Labrador and now Ontario! I’m not native to Ottawa, but I have enjoyed living there in the past year and exploring the city. Some of my interests include reading, writing, and making fan edits/video editing. Outside of creative pursuits, I am interested in advocacy, cooking/baking, learning about politics, and just learning in general. During quarantine, I have occupied myself with improving my makeup skills and learning how to make fan edits.

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