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Departmental Societies

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The Carleton Science Student Society is committed to serving and connecting all students in the Faculty of Science, and aims to provide an equitable and inclusive environment for all.

Societies are a vital part of student life at Carleton. The CSSS has an extensive network of active societies which offer a wide assortment of opportunities for you to explore new interests, pursue new ideas, and meet people who share creativity and curiosity. Check out some of our departmental societies below!

Carleton Chemistry and Biochemistry Society

The Carleton Chemistry and Biochemistry Society (CCBS) is a society organized by undergraduate and graduate students in the chemistry and biochemistry programs at Carleton University. Every month they organize “Liquid Dynamic Labs” and during the fall they hold their sem-formal event called the Bucky Ball.

insta: @carletoncbs

Carleton University Biology Society

The CU Biology Society is dedicated to creating a sense of community for biology students at Carleton. The CU Biology Society is involved in holding fundraisers, creating volunteering opportunities, and mentoring students. The CU Biology society is not limited to those in the biology program. Students in the neuroscience and biochemistry programs are encouraged to join.

insta: @cubiologysociety

Carleton University Geography and Enviro Students Association

The CU Geography and Enviro Students Association (or CUGESA) is devoted to helping students in Geography, Geomatics, and Environmental Studies meet each other. They have events throughout the year that are focused on helping students socialize, network, and find educational opportunities. This association have events such as apple picking, an annual fall retreat, and an annual corn boil that can keep you engaged throughout the academic year!

office: Loeb A210

Carleton University Geology Society

The CU Geology Society is a lovely organization that is dedicated to highlight the interesting parts of earth sciences through organizing professional development workshops and inviting various guest speakers working in the field of earth sciences for earth sciences students. Ultimately, the society aims to bring together people in this program and create a sense of community while helping them gain a deeper appreciation for their field of study.

insta: @cu_geosoc

Carleton University Math and Stats Society

The CU Math and Stats Society, otherwise known as the Math Society is dedicated to creating a social environment for students in mathematics and statistics as well as being a resource for math and statistics students to get help with questions they may have in math and statistics. The cool thing about this society is that anyone from any department can join this society.

Carleton CogSci Association

The Carleton CogSci Association is dedicated to creating a sense of community for people in cognitive science as well as being a resource for CogSci students. They plan cool events such as a welcome back party, annual pumpkin carving, board game night, brain ball, dinner with professors, and movie nights! This association also encourages students in psychology and neuroscience to participate in their events.

insta: @carletoncogsci

Carleton Health Sciences Society

The Carleton Health Sciences Society (HSS) is a student society which seeks to represent, support, and advocate for students within the Health Science department while fostering the development of connections between students.

insta: @carletonhss

Carleton Neuroscience Society

The Carleton Neuroscience Society (CNS) promotes awareness and a sense of place in the Carleton community for those who are interested in neuroscience. The CNS is committed to creating and participating in events that promote education for all students interested in the field of neuroscience.

insta: @cuneurosociety

Carleton University Physics Society

The Carleton University Physics Society (CUPS) provides a way for undergraduate students to get involved with the department by meeting other students and taking part in various seminars, trips, and activities that the society and department run. Past events include: Pub Nights at Ollie’s, Pizza and a Prof, and SNOLAB visits.

insta: @cuphyssoc

Environmental Science Student Association

The Environmental Science Student’s Association (ESSA) is responsible for coordinating and hosting events throughout the school year that aime to integrate students in the program through academic and social means. Events and initiatives include Dr. Fred Michel’s seminar series, annual photography competition, campus clean-up, and the herb garden.

insta: @essa_carleton

Food Science Student Society

The Food Science Student Society (FSNSS) is an academic society that represents undergraduate and graduate food science students at Carleton University. Events include BBQs, food science career fairs, bake sales, and meet & greets!

insta: @carleton_foodsciencesociety

Psychology Society of Carleton University

The Psychology Society of Carleton University is an organization of undergraduate students that aim to provide academic, professional, and social information and opportunities for individuals interested in the field of psychology. Events include board game and movie nights.

insta: @pscarletonu

Carleton Computer Science Society

The Carleton Computer Science Society (CCSS) is an academic society that represents undergraduate computer science students at Carleton University. The CCSS aims to create academic, social, and industry-related opportunities and resources for computer science students. Events include comp sci workshops, pub nights, CUHacking, and coffee houses.

office: 4135 Herzberg Laboratories

insta: @carletonccss


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