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2020 - 2021 Team

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Millie Close


VP Academic Portfolio


Abhi Kurusetty

VP Academic

  • Support the implementation of new scholarships & awards for science students

  • Consult with the equity officer to ensure opportunities are available for all students

  • Assist in the application and selection processes of the scholarships

  • Assist in the anonymization of scholarship applications

  • (if applicable) chair the scholarships selection committee

  • Assist in the planning and implementation of various academic advocacy campaigns

  • Aim to promote understanding of students' academic rights & responsibilities

  • Assist in the production of social media campaigns

  • Help to prioritize and inform the advocacy focus areas of the CSSS

VP Communications Portfolio


Emily Pope

VP Communications

  • Help solidify a consistent SciSoc brand

  • Create eye-catching graphics for various CSSS events and services

  • Attend science society events and take photographs that will be used for marketing and memories!

  • Lead the production of media projects for various portfolios

  • Photograph students for student spotlights

  • Supporting the portfolios of other execs (like a LinkedIn headshot day!)

  • Showcase science students and super interesting research they do at Carleton

  • Increase social media outreach & analyze insights

  • Guide the implementation of social media campaigns for various VP portfolios

  • Help to maintain a strong, consistent, and professional presence on the CSSS social media platforms

  • Innovate and implement new ways to engage students through social media

  • Assist and consult on the design of a user-friendly science society website

  • Maintain the website on a weekly basis throughout the year

  • Stipend of $300 upon successful completion of the job in April 2021

VP External Affairs Portfolio

  • Spearhead outreach to students & student groups

  • Find and highlight opportunities for SciSoc to be present in the Carleton Community

  • Lead the production of SciSoc Blog, by reaching out to students and student groups

  • Secure sponsorship opportunities and develop relationships with sponsors

  • Contribute to the development of a CSSS Sponsorship package

  • Help to find opportunities for the CSSS to sponsor other student groups

Holly Brown

VP External

VP Internal Affairs Portfolio


Sarah Ivanco

VP Internal

  • Define areas and ways to improve the equitability of the Science Society

  • Help to implement sustainable and equitable practices

  • Advise on ways to improve the sustainability of SciSoc events and services

  • Work with program societies to ratify them under the SciSoc

  • Support the review of the constitution and related documents

  • Help produce motions, and meeting materials

  • Create "SparkNotes" or one-pagers for key SciSoc documents

  • Takes notes at all science society council meetings and prepares them to be sent for publication on the website

  • Arranges for a replacement secretary if they are unable to attend a meeting

VP Operations Portfolio


Sarita Cuadros -Sanchez

VP Operations

  • Help to manage the budget for the Science Society

  • Assist in the tracking and monitoring of receipts and reimbursements

  • Implement an audit procedures and assist in building standard operating procedures for the SciSoc

  • Work closely with the VP Operations to implement budget tracking and organization strategies

  • Oversee selection of Representatives for SCF committee

  • (when applicable) Chair the SCF meetings

  • Review and consolidate applications for SCF on a rolling basis

  • Evaluate and propose changes to the SCF

  • Monitor the approved projects and events; refer them to Comms for branding help

VP Programming Portfolio


Emma Khazzam

VP Programming

  • Guide marketing inititatives and work closely with comms team to develop materials for event promotion

  • Primary link between Programming and Comms

  • Ensure Website contains information about upcoming events

  • Assist the VP Programming in implementing large scale events for students in Science

  • Work with external organizations like Ollie's and Rooster's to secure event spaces and other logistical considerations

  • Guide planning efforts for events like Trivia Night, I Love Science Day, & Science Winter Formal!

  • Assist the VP Programming in implementing wellness events for students in Science

  • Work with VPP to coordinate logistics for wellness events

  • Lead planning and execution of events that promote wellbeing and balance for science students

The Carleton Science Student Society is committed to serving and connecting all students in the Faculty of Science, and aims to provide an equitable and inclusive environment for all.

Last Updated: June 2020